College Back Up

Posted in Uncategorized by aawalt88 on March 1, 2011

        As a new farmer with a college education, I feel  that I will be able to have a degree to fall back on or to have an off-the-farm job to supplement farming. I go to Simpson College as a Multimedia Journalism major. I decided to go to college and wanted to find a major that was interesting to me. I didn’t want to go to school for something that I am already learning or know. I feel that even though I may not use my major in everyday farming, it will give me some skills to use in any job.

        As a young farmer I feel that going to college is a good idea. College helps with learning to deal with different situations in life and to prepare yourself with deadlines and conflicts that may arise. It also prepares you with work habits and working on your own. My parents also wanted me to have the experience to see what other careers are offered. They also felt it would help me grow as a person.

         With the way that the economy is, and the amount of money it takes to farm. Young farmers don’t have the funds or the equipment to to start on their own. Young farmers that come right out of high school and start working for their family or another farmer most likely will just work for a wage.  They may never be able to farm on their own without the help of their family. Unfortunately, young farmers may have to have a career until their family retires.

A Hard Start

Posted in Uncategorized by aawalt88 on January 13, 2011

            Farming is an industry that is taken for granted because it has been around for so long. Farmers are viewed as financially stable because the public knows how much land and equipment are worth. Yet, young farmers are discouraged from wanting to start their own farming business because they know how difficult it is to finance the business up front. Those who persist face a bigger challenge when trying to start their own business.

            As a young farmer, I have to face the problems of the expenses to start a farm. I have been working for my father and mother, who are farmers, to help me start farming. Without them I would have never been able to get to where I am now. I have just recently bought a house and I am share cropping a piece of land with my father and mother. They are my co-signers and collateral for every thing I have bought so far. Without them doing these things, I would never been able to have a house or land. I am still unable to afford the equipment to farm and have the storage for my grain.

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