About My Blog

            For my blog I would like to write about the challenges faced by young farmers. I would like to talk about how hard it is for young farmers to get into the business because of the expenses that come with starting up a farm. In order to start a business, a farmer needs a farm site with storage bins or sheds, equipment, land, and possibly livestock among other things. Young farmers who are just getting out of college already have a large amount of debt, or they haven’t made enough money to get started. The best way to get into farming is if it is part of the family business. Another option is to become employed by a farmer and work your way up in hopes you will inherit some portion of the business after retirement.

            On the other hand, if you are a young farmer already, or trying to become one, there is a lot of competition for land. There are other farmers and large corporations that are able to out bid on land because they are looking to expand. Established farmers and corporations have better resources to guarantee their purchase on the land they need. This could lead to the extinction of farming. If the Baby Boomer generation of farmers chooses to sell their land to large corporations for a higher profit, the family tradition of farming will not survive.

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