The North Central Cooperative

Posted in Uncategorized by aawalt88 on March 10, 2011

I am from North Central Iowa and I use the North Central Cooperative to buy my input and sell grain. I buy chemicals, fertilizer, and fuel from them. I could also buy seed but I did not use them this year.

The North Central Cooperative web site can provide you with accentual information. Especially if you’re from the North Central area of Iowa. It tells you about the market, grain updates, agronomy updates, test plot result, fuel prices, location conditions, local radar and national radar, DTN grain news, DTN live stock news, DTN/PF renewable fuels, and community news. The site provides you with technology services. You are able to get free services on your computer and cell phone. You are able to create and manage your own grain contract offers online, get Rachel’s renditions a periodical agronomy newsletter, get grain futures and cash bid text messages, e-statements and e-invoices, and online business and grain account access. The site also allows you set up an account and make online offers.

As a farmer you need to work with a COOP. This is where you can buy and sell useful need. They also can provide you with useful information that you may not be aware of.

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