2010 Iowa Farmland Value Survey

Posted in Uncategorized by aawalt88 on March 10, 2011

The term “acre” is used in everyday farming language as much as the word “classes” is used by college students. Understanding the size of an acre can be challenging for people who are not familiar with the term. To give you an idea of how big an acre really is, here is a list of comparisons to other everyday objects:

Half (1/2) New York City block = 1 Acre
Three (3) high school gymnasiums = 1 Acre
Four (4) Olympic swimming pools = 1 Acre
One Thousand (1000) king-size beds = 1 Acre


These were found at http://store.saveyourworld.com/The-Power-of-1-Acre-s/1513.htm.

As of 2010, the Iowa farmland value for an acre is $5,064, which was a 15.9 percent, or $693 increase from 2009. The 2010 Iowa Land Value Survey shows the average value per acre of Iowa farmland broken down by crop reporting district, county, quality of land, buyers and influencing factors, and recent changes in Iowa farmland values. The following chart shows the highest and lowest land values broken down by categories:

  Highest Lowest
Reporting District Northwest Iowa South Central Iowa
County O’Brien Decatur
Quality of Land High grade = $6,109 Low grade = $3,357
Buyers and Influencing Factors Existing farmers West Central

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