Q & A with Adam Walton

Posted in Uncategorized by aawalt88 on March 1, 2011

I sat down with my dad, Adam Walton, to discuss his thoughts on farming. I asked him some questions about becoming a farmer and the challenges faced by young farmers.

Adam Walton

Q. Where do young farmers start or how can they start?

A. I think there is no way to start farming without a lot of help. The sheer cost of land and equipment makes it imposible to get a loan with no credit or equity.

Q. What impact do family members have on  the farm business?

A. It’s a balancing act because you try to keep business as business and family as family and not bring it home with you.

Q. How are young farmers able to afford a farm, equipment, house, sheds, storage bins?

A. It will take time, hopfully they can use their family’s equipment, storage, and rent land and maybe buy a house or rent it.

Q. If you are a farmer what did you have to do to get started farming?

A. My parents gave us a farm (176 acres) and we were able to get loans to operate and buy cheap equipment that we fixed a lot. We rented land and bought more land by barrowing against the 176 acres.

Q. What advice do you have for young farmers?

A. Be nice to their parents, he jokes. Don’t get in a hurry, it will happen. The older generation will pass to the younger generation but  not right away, only when they can afford to. When you hurry,  you can also do a bad job of farming or have accident.

Q. Where do you see the future of farming in general?

A. It should stay good as long as input prices stay stable and land is available to rent or buy.

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